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Meet Amber

Elevating Notaries, Entrepreneurs, and Dreamers Everywhere

Hey there, I'm Amber, and I wear a lot of hats—mom, entrepreneur, notary business coach, traveler, video blogger, non-profit founder and published author, just to name a few!


My life's work is centered around one core mission: to inspire people to realize their fullest potential and turn their dreams into reality.

Top Frisco Branding portrait Black woman Photographer Personal Branding vs headshot Portra
Top Frisco Branding portrait Black woman Photographer Personal Branding vs headshot Portra
Top Frisco Branding portrait Black woman

A Former School Counselor Turned Notary Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Mom, Traveler, Non-Profit Founder, and Published Author

The Counselor Roots
I began my professional journey as a school counselor, where I had the incredible privilege of guiding young minds towards a brighter future. Those years equipped me with a unique skill set in coaching and a passion for empowering others—a foundation I would later build upon when I stepped into the world of entrepreneurship.

The Notary Business Coach
It wasn't long before I recognized the massive potential in the notary business and pivoted into coaching individuals in this underrated field. I found the same fulfillment in teaching adults how to establish their own successful notary businesses as I did when counseling kids. To date, I've had the honor of helping thousands of budding entrepreneurs find their path in this industry.

The Founder

I founded We Shine Inc. with a vision deeply rooted in my experience as an educator and entrepreneur. This nonprofit embodies my dedication to support individuals with intellectual and developmental delays, ensuring they lead safe and engaged lives. At We Shine Inc., we champion the belief that everyone has a unique light to share. My goal is to foster an environment of empathy, understanding, and community support, where every individual shines, living a life full of purpose and joy.

The Video Blogger
"Amber on Demand" is where you'll find me sharing everything I've learned along the way—from entrepreneurship tips to personal life lessons. My channel is my way to connect on a broader scale and fulfill my desire to inspire and uplift.

The Published Author 
Words have always been my forte, which is why it was only natural for me to compile my experiences into a book. Published and cherished by many, my book serves as a guide to living a life without limits.

The Mom
When I'm not working, I'm "Mom"—the most rewarding role I've ever had. My children are my daily dose of inspiration, constantly reminding me of what truly matters in life.

The Traveler
Travel is my escape, my source of rejuvenation. It gives me a fresh perspective on life and helps me return to my roles revitalized. From the beaches of Aruba to the mountains of Costa Rica, each destination teaches me a lesson I bring back to my personal and professional life.

That's a little bit about me, now I'd love to know about you! Feel free to reach out and let's make something amazing happen.

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